Pittsburgh SEO Company…why should I hire one?


Search engine optimization, commonly known as SEO basically refers to a methodology of techniques, tactics, and strategies used in increasing the number of guests to a website through obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of search engines (SERP) — including Bing, Yahoo, Google and other search engines.

Search Marketing has been broken into 2 main areas: off-page optimization and on-page optimization. Off-page optimization basically refers to backlinks (the links that usually point to a site that is being optimized). Conversely, on-page optimization is used to refer to the elements of a website that usually comprises a web page such as the HTML codes, textual content, and images.

It is a very common practice for many Internet users to fail to click through many pages of search results. As a result, where a website ranks in the search is essential in directing more traffic towards the site. The higher a site naturally ranks in the organic results of any search, the greater the chances that that website will be visited by many users.

SEO helps in ensuring that a website is accessible to search engines and it also improves the chances that the website will be found by a search engine. It’s typically a set of best practices which Web content producers and webmasters follow to help them in achieving a better ranking in the search engine’s results.

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At Pittsburgh SEO Agency, we usually provide the best search engine optimization practices with the aim of increasing the number of guests to your website. This is normally achieved by obtaining the higher-ranking placements in the SERPs. When you choose to hire our SEO services, you can be assured to get improvements in the organic Google search engine results in listings.



Internet Marketing has become of the highly cost powerful as well as effective ways for reaching out to your clients. Various people are making use of the internet nowadays as the main resource to find and also buy a host of products and services. In order to aid them in finding your website, SEO has become a necessity. Search Engine Optimization services are the foundation of a complete internet marketing solution for any company that’s looking to do online business.

Many owners of different offline businesses normally hesitate when it comes to hiring services of SEO experts because of the notion that the service is both time-consuming as well as expensive. However, the plain truth is that SEO usually allows the offline business owners to promote their businesses with a less cost and with quicker results when compared to traditional marketing techniques.

Small and medium-sized business owners have finally started to recognize the power of the Internet. They have realized that if they actually want to succeed in the current digital business world, then establishing an online presence is a must and the best way for doing this is through dominating the search engines.
When your business acquires top search engine rankings, potential prospects and customers tend to look at you as being the authority within your market. They usually equate higher rankings in search engines with the best companies within your industry. Whereas this isn’t always necessarily the plain truth, you can still make use of this valuable association to your greater advantage.

Maybe you are still not fully convinced that outsourcing SEO is the right move that you should make for your company. In order to understand the value of this service, below are the main benefits of hiring an SEO expert:

1. Major Time Saver

First off, in case you have already realized the value of SEO as part of your online marketing plans, then you have also come to realize how difficult it might be for somebody who is brand-new trying to learn the significance of SEO services.

In all honesty, it is always wise to leave SEO services to experts. This is because even if you decide to learn everything concerning optimizing your website for the search engines, it could still change within a short period of time. Google might put out yet another update thus changing the game entirely.

For those who are looking to save their time, it will turn out to be difficult for them to keep up with all of ups and downs associated with search engine updates. You should have the ability to spare part of your precious time towards this endeavor. In fact, in case you are a busy person, it shall be impossible for you to continue keeping up with all aspects of SEO.

Instead, you should trust a top quality SEO expert who is s ready and also willing to help. These SEO experts usually stay on top of everything that is related to search engine optimization and they can help you to weather any storm that’s caused by Google updates.

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2. Achieve Real World Results

Secondly, you should realize that it is difficult to achieve your desired results if you don’t have a working knowledge about search engine optimization. In reality, SEO is quite complicated and it might take years in order to fully master this skill.

Outsourcing Pittsburgh SEO services is a much better choice. You’ll hire an SEO expert who knows almost everything concerning search engine marketing. This company or individual will have put in the adequate time so as to master this craft.

Conversely, you have to continue running your business effectively. You have to keep your schedule open so as to provide the services and products that are the life force of your company. Learning a whole new skill could end up complicating your current business model and eventually hurt your company in the long run.

Let the SEO experts handle the optimization process. You should instead focus on growing the business and providing high-quality services and products that your clients will love. This is the right recipe for online success.


3. Positive ROI 

In case you’re new to SEO, it is highly unlikely that you will be capable of achieving a positive ROI in a quick amount of time because there are very many skills for you to learn. In addition, there are very many courses for you to buy. As a result, there are many mistakes that will be made when you’re new to SEO.

However, by hiring an expert to handle your SEO, you will have an opportunity to achieve a positive ROI quite quickly. Every marketing campaign usually takes a little while so as to iron out all the kinks. However, when you have an expert who is working alongside you, these kinks will be ironed out a lot quicker.

Internet marketing is the only way for most people to truly succeed in the digital business world today. However, it isn’t the easiest thing to accomplish in the world. Therefore, having expert SEO outsourcers in your corner is always the fastest way for putting yourself on the road to success.


4. Marketing Confidence 

Each and every business owner usually wants to feel very confident that his/her marketing plans will be effective. When you have an SEO expert helping you and setting together a good marketing campaign on your behalf, you will have no choice other than achieving lasting online success.

While there are definitely no guarantees in today’s life, letting an SEO expert help you will give you a better chance to achieve search engine dominance as compared to what you would have in case you attempted to do it on your own.


5. Ultimate leverage for business owners

Since average offline entrepreneurs don’t possess appropriate internet promotion skills, it’s always better to outsource the job to another person who is more familiarized with the implementation of SEO campaigns. Various tasks like website structuring, keyword research, content distribution and on-page and off-page optimization might seem to be overwhelming to offline business owners. Conversely, an expert who is very skilled in SEO is able to fulfill the task on a constant basis in order to produce more traffic for the business.


6. Strategies to overcome the competition

The most important benefit of implementing Search Engine Optimization strategies is that only a very smaller fraction of offline businesses are using SEO techniques so as to promote most of their services as well as products. This usually presents a great opportunity for the companies who usually implement SEO due to the fact that it will give them an edge past their competitors. In case numerous websites in an industry are in competition for top spots in Google, SEO experts can also present solutions as well as recommendations to beat the competition.


7. Regular organic traffic towards the company’s website

Organic traffic basically means that website visitors are able to naturally find their way towards the business site by using unique search phrases. SEO experts are highly skilled in generating organic traffic. In fact, they know well the keyword phrases that are being sought for by their target markets. Moreover, they also know how to create a website in a special way that a search engine will find it rapidly in order to be incorporated in topmost search results. At the end, customers who will be generated from the SEO campaigns will tend to be more determined and loyal buyers than those who are generated from the other means.

If you’re interested in learning more about SEO, check out  Google’s 2016 search-engine-optimization-starter-guide.pdf



In today’s competitive markets, SEO is becoming more important than ever. Several Search engines serve lots of users per day who are looking for solutions to most of their problems or answers to their questions. In case you have a blog, online store or website, SEO can aid your business to grow and meet all the business objectives.

Below are the key reasons why SEO is important for small and medium businesses:

1. Optimal User Experience

SEO is basically about providing the users with the friendliest, fastest and best possible experiences. Also, search engines want to provide the users with what they are searching for and when they can do that thus both parties are usually happy. Happy visitors will become a returning visitor.

2. Optimal Reach

People unconsciously trust search engine results. If Google places any business in the top spot of a search, then it must have earned that place and it must be good. The user then tells all his friends on Facebook and Twitter that he’s going to that business enterprise and he invites them, leaving the link for them to click as well. The laws of multiplication can work pretty fast, and before you know it, several hungry teens show up at your business! Why? Because the search engines matched everything perfectly and it all pointed to your business.

3. Optimal Potential for Conversion 

Internet marketing, including SEO, attracts people who are already looking for your products or services. You don’t have to scream, dance, or wear cool clothes to gain an audience; they are already convinced of their need which is why they went searching in the first place. No bold print ad placed front and center on the magazine page is required. You just have to present yourself in one of those top 5 results. They were looking for your business and you showed up right on time! You still have to convince them that you are the better company to purchase from, but half the battle is over. Once they come to your website, if you have invested the same tedious work to optimize the user’s experience with you by providing the content they seek, then you are well on your way to gaining a new customer.

4. Optimal Exposure for Brand Awareness

As stated in the second point, people unconsciously trust the search engine results. If your business is ranked as the first one, then you usually serve the best in that industry. However, most users do not just run over to your business the next hour and buy your products. They, however, file it somewhere or bookmark it. After this, they go clicking around the world numerous times before making a final decision. If your site is employing top notch SEO services, how often might that user come across your company name while conducting his search? What if your company came up 3 of the 5 times they searched for that desired product? Next thing you know, they have clicked through to your website.

5. Optimal Insight into Your Customers

In case your site is optimized properly, it will certainly increase your search engine’s usability, credibility, and visibility, which increases traffic to your website. Now that you’re enjoying high numbers of guests, Google Analytics (which every website should have set up) can track all the valuable information on your guests. Find out the browser that they use, keywords, the technology that they use, geographical location, the times and days they are mostly active, the amount of time that they actually spent on a single page and much more. The information will aid you in discovering your target markets, honing your advertising and also determining strategies based on the facts rather instead of educated guesses. As you know all your customers better, you will be able to provide them with better products or services and ultimately the higher the ROI.



Being one of the changing industries across the world, Search Engine Optimization requires care, strategy, and diligence. This practice is no longer an option for businesses that want to be competitive, grow, and see returns on investment. But it is only one piece of the puzzle. If your website does not contain viable content, then no matter how much money or time you spend on SEO, it is wasted. Content will always be king. But when used in conjunction with other important marketing tools, SEO will provide visibility, traffic, credibility, branding and help you gain valuable insight into customer behavior.

In the event that you have to increase traffic on your website, looking forward to breaking into a new market with the paid advertising or when you just have promotional videos that aren’t delivering the returns that you had actually hoped for, SEO Pittsburgh is here for you. Irrespective of your goals, Pittsburgh SEO Agency has consistently proven solutions that have matched all our customer goals. Our team usually researches, executes and also plans very profitable marketing campaigns online by combining channels with the aim of earning you amazing returns on your investments. Just contact SEO Pittsburgh today for quality SEO services.